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The new way of producing branded audio content

300+ neural voices
Neural voices make AI content sound more natural and human-like, improving user experience and engagement. They can be customised to match the brand personality, making the content more effective and user-friendly. With 300+ neural voices, you can choose the ones that best suit your brand identity and scale your content production.
100+ languages
Using AI generated voices with multiple languages is a cost-effective and efficient way to create audio content for a global audience. AI generated voices can be customised to sound natural and authentic in each language, which can help to improve the overall quality of the content and make it more engaging for listeners across the world.
Music powered by Epidemic Sound
An award-winning music library, with a wide variety of high-quality music tracks that can enhance the overall production value of the content. The music can help set the mood, create a specific atmosphere, and engage the audience.

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Simple and fast

An optimised workflow that lets you create studio-quality content in a matter of seconds

Add your script


Choose your voice


Choose your music


Add your video


Export your content


Simple and fast

An optimised workflow that let you create studio-quality content in a matter of seconds
Bella 🇬🇧
English - UK
Mia 🇬🇧English - UK
Rose Child 🇬🇧English - UK
Denise 🇫🇷French
Alvaro 🇪🇸Spanish
Maarten 🇳🇱English - Dutch
Neeja 🇮🇳English - Indian
Kevin 🇺🇸English - USA (child)
Shakir 🇸🇦Arabic
Xiaoxiao 🇨🇳Mandarin
Kaiya 🇺🇸English - USA
Emily 🇮🇪English - Irish
Dmitry 🇷🇺Russian
Emily 🇺🇸English - USA (child)
Julian 🇺🇸English - USA
Alexander 🇺🇸English - USA

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What users say about us

We have a proven and succesful track record with creators, SMBs, agencies and enterprise clients

With our ever-expanding YouTube channels, Our search was to find the best artificial voices along with wanting to find a company that could handle the sheer volume and demand that we need and this journey led us to Voiceover air™️. In the past 6 months we have expanded from the Indonesian language to now creating dubbing in 6 languages for over 15 of our YouTube channels that range from 1 million to 15 million subscribers, using Voiceover air's excellent voices has helped increase our subscriber base for our content creators. Voiceover air's customer support is second to none and we are currently working behind the scenes on a number of projects that we see as an ideal fit for the MNC Group.

Dhona N. Kiana


We have been on the Voiceover air journey since its conception, our working relationship began seven years ago with the company when they were supplying us with phone voice marketing and to see where they are today is amazing. We use the product and voices in a variety of ways such as through our call centers, in-room entertainment, and training courses for our staff. Due to having many nationalities with our employees and guests visiting our resorts, Voiceover air allows us the ability to use multiple voices where we don't have to outsource anymore has not only made a positive difference to our marketing budget but it has also enabled our company to reduce timeframes for everything we use voiceovers for.

Mikael Svensson


We use Voiceover air for our outbound dialer system, we replaced the previous version with their product and the results have been staggering. We can now communicate ​instantaneously with the rest of the world without the need for paying for human voiceovers and translations in the 45 languages, we use Voiceover air as a hub for our international call system. We expect the best and only work with the best, so when I was asked to give my testimonial on Voiceover air, I was more than happy to oblige. I consider Voiceover air to be a reliable, professional company that sets the standard for customer satisfaction and very impressive customer service and after-sales team that exceeded our expectations.

Debbie Gonzalez


Voiceover air offers great artificial voices and has helped us expand our YouTube content to 6 languages for over 15 channels with subscribers ranging from 1 to 15 million. Their excellent voices have helped increase their subscriber base and their customer support is second to none. We are currently working behind the scenes on a number of projects that we see as an ideal fit for the MNC Group.

Dhona N. Kiana


Voiceover air has been a valuable tool for the company for the past seven years, providing phone voice marketing and allowing for the use of multiple voices in various applications, including call centers, in-room entertainment, and staff training courses. This has not only saved money on outsourcing but also reduced timeframes for voiceover needs.

Mikael Svensson


Voiceover air has provided excellent results for our outbound dialer system. We can now communicate instantly in 45 different languages without needing human voiceovers or translations. It serves as a hub for our international call system. Highly recommended.

Debbie Gonzalez


Rated 4.6 based on 300+ reviews on the Google PlayStore


Cutting edge, and constantly growing

Create human-like voiceovers, leverage an award-winning music library, and scale your content to a worldwide audience thanks to a multitude of languages.


300+ AI voices

With over 300 human-like voices and more voices being added all the time, there’s a voice for everyone. We believe in providing our users with the best voices possible that's why we have two separate voice engines that are available.


Advanced translation

Our VIP Voices will soon offer an in-app translation feature that provides users the ability to type their script in their own language and translate it and have any of our voices speak in another. We are the only Text To Speech provider that offers this feature in both our desktop and mobile applications.


Voice Controls

Adding volume to both your voice and music is essential to any voiceover production and with Voiceover air not only is this possible, but you also have the choice to change the speed and pitch of each voice, which in turn will make a huge difference to your content.



Now that you have the perfect voice and music for your production, adding that all-important visual is key to your content. You can edit and crop your choice of voice and music along with your video. Our editing feature offers users the ability to crop and adjust all of your content including being able to edit your voice, music, and video separately. You can edit videos on both our web and mobile versions.


Create multiple voices

You are able to create multiple voices in one production. For instance, if you would like to create a conversation for your content then you can create one voiceover and then just add more, you can currently create up to 6 separate voiceovers in one production!



Using high-end soundtracks powered by Epidemic Sound for your content is a must and what better way than to power up your content than a choice of 500 license-free soundtracks that will suit your contents mood!


100+ Languages

With 100+ languages to choose from, you can reach every corner of the world. We believe in quality and that is why we have chosen 300 of the best voices from our one voice library and also over 50+ voices from ElevenLabs in our VIP Voices and VIP Voices+.


Localised mobile app

In our mobile version, you can currently change the app into 13 different languages such as Arabic, Chinese English, French, German, Hindi, Urdu, Indonesian, Sudanese, Javanese, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.


Start small
think BIG

We offer flexible plans at different price points, no matter if you are an individual or a large enterprise company



Perfect for creators and individuals

Start Social Media Voices
You will get
*VAT included 



Perfect for professionals and SMBs

Start Professional
You will get
*VAT included 

Perfect for agencies and SMEs

Start Expert
You will get
*VAT included 



Perfect for creators and individuals who want high end content

Start Vip Voices
Whats's included
*VAT included 

Perfect for agencies and SMEs

Start Vip Voices+ 
What's included
*VAT included 
$299/One Time


The best AI voices in the world

Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology to generate realistic, captivating speech in a wide range of languages.

Clone your own voice or a voice you have permission and rights to use. Only you have access to the voices you create.


You will get
  • 1. Arabic
  • 2. Bulgarian
  • 3. Chinese
  • 4. Czech
  • 5. Croatian
  • 6. Dutch
  • 7. Danish
  • 8. English
  • 9. French
  • 10. Filipino
  • 11. Finnish
  • 12. German
  • 13. Greek
  • 14. Hindi
  • 15. Italian
  • 16. Indonesian
  • 17. Japanese
  • 18 . Korean
  • 19. Malay
  • 20. Portuguese
  • 21. Polish
  • 22. Romanian
  • 23. Spanish
  • 24. Swedish
  • 25. Slovak
  • 26. Turkish
  • 27. Tamil
  • 28. Ukrainian
  • 1. English
  • 2. Japanese
  • 3. Chinese
  • 4. German
  • 5. Hindi
  • 6. French
  • 7. Korean
  • 8. Portuguese
  • 9. Italian
  • 10. Spanish
  • 11. Indoneshian
  • 12. Dutch
  • 13. Turkish
  • 14. Filipino
  • 15. Polish
  • 16. Swedish
  • 17. Bulgarian
  • 18. Romanian
  • 19. Arabic
  • 20. Czech
  • 21. Greek
  • 22. Finnish
  • 23. Croatian
  • 24. Malay
  • 25. Slovak
  • 26. Danish
  • 27. Tamil
  • 28. Ukrainian



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We are the world's first web + mobile provider of Text-To-Speech
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Studio-quality voices, award-winning soundtracks, and an advanced editor for all your content. With Voiceover air you have access to voices wherever you go!

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Use cases

A versatile AI Voice platform that enhances your content

Thanks to our platform you can leverage AI-generated voices for multiple purposes. There are no boundaries when it comes to using Voiceover air.


Content Creation

Content Creation is a medium for many, what better way to power your social media posts, Blogs, Vlogs, and Podcasts than with Text To Speech. You have the ability to use voice on a whole other level, Text To Speech offers quick conversion along with being able to share your content around the world.



Text To Speech offers an alternative to the high cost of professional narrators, it is a more economical way for your book narration needs. With natural-sounding voices in so many languages and by using Text To Speech you can make your audiobook talk to the world.



On Hold Marketing (OHM) and IVR systems use voice and with Voiceover air you instantly remove the time and the cost for such a product. The usual turnaround time for OHM is between 3-5 days, with our software you can create products for telephony within less than 30 minutes.



Voice is so underrated and if people really understood the power of it then you would hear so much more that’s for sure. Everyone should be using voice in their content, who watches a movie trailer with the sound off, with the sound on you stay focused, and engaged, and throughout the movie is explained, need we say more!



Creating E-learning courses with natural-sounding voices offers a cost-effective way to educate pupils and keep them engaged with the power of voice. Explore the world with your E-learning by creating content generated in Cantonese, Spanish, or even Hindi – with Voiceover air the possibilities are endless.


Speech Impairments

For people that have speech impairments then Text To Speech is a God send for everyone including our users, Text To Speech provides assistance. We have many users that use our app to help with their struggles and knowing that Voiceover air is helping make a difference in people’s lives is a good starting point for us.

Desktop V2 Features

Our newly released web version has all the same cool features as our mobile app and a whole lot more.

Desktop features
* Easy-to-use interface
* Intuitive editing suite
* Voice Effects
* Only neural voices


Frequently asked questions

Are packages subscription based?
Our plans are all monthly subscriptions and will recur each month unless cancelled. All characters must be used during each month and will not roll over. Our Lifetime Deal packages, Tier 1 and Tier 2 and our VIP Voices characters reset every 30 days, they do not roll over into a new month if the characters are not used.
Does Voiceover air have both desktop and mobile versions?
We are very proud to say that we are the first Text To Speech provider that offers both a desktop and mobile app. You can access the browser version by clicking this link or download the mobile app here.
Are the soundtracks available to use on all platforms?
You are free to use all 500 soundtracks however you like, but due to our agreement with Epidemic Sound and their artists, the music unfortunately is not allowed to be published on YouTube (for now). Our voices can be used on YouTube for monetisation purposes, but if you use the soundtracks they will be flagged and we cannot be responsible for any copyright infringements.
Does Voiceover air cloud data storage?
All of your productions are stored locally but in our next major update you will be able to store on Voiceover air's cloud, so you will have no problem accessing them from anywhere you like.
Where can I watch a tutorial on how the app works?
There are a number of mediums where you can learn how to use the app. You can go to the settings page on the app and press ''How it works'', this will provide you with guidelines on how to use the app. You can also visit some YouTube lives that provide a more depth look into the app itself.
1.  Voiceover air new desktop version : Want Stunning Voiceovers? Try Voiceover Air Now!
2. Download Silo: Voiceover Air Lifetime Deal (LTD) Review, Demo, Tutorial: World #1 Voice Content Media Mobile App
Do you have an affiliate program?
Our amazing affiliate program offers a sliding scale from 15% -30% based on the number of sales generated. Feel free to sign up via this link - in turn feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to sign new affiliates up.
Does Voiceover air offer business solutions?
We have both business packages and single user packages, there's something for everyone. If you have any queries regarding our business packages then please contact us today at [email protected]
How do I get support?
To get assistance you can click the message icon on our home page, you will find this in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and one of our experienced team members will be happy to assist you.

Alternatively please feel free to mail us, If you have any questions or need any kind of help regarding the app contact us at [email protected]
Do the voices sound robotic?
We have over 300 voices in our own voice engine and there are even more human-like voices in our VIP Voices plan powered by ElevenLabs. All our voices are neural voices, we do not have any standard voices in either of the voice engines we use.If you want to check out our samples feel free to sign up you will find these on our website.

We aim for quality over quantity, so our focus is not to add 1.000+ voices but to add really high-quality and human-sounding voices, in order to offer you the highest standards on the market.
How to produce emotions?
You can add emotions such as happiness, sadness, shouting, whispering and many more to 30 of our own voices, which are available in all plans except our VIP Voices plan, The emotions for this plan are totally different.

There are a couple of tips for producing emotions in our VIP Voices plan.

Context is key for generating specific emotions. Thus, if one inputs laughing/funny text they might get a happy output. Similarly with anger, sadness, and other emotions, setting the context is key.
Punctuation and voice settings play the leading role in how the output is delivered.
Add emphasis by putting the relevant words/phrases in quotation marks.
For speech generated using a cloned voice, the speaking style contained in the samples you upload for cloning is replicated in the output. So if the speech in the uploaded sample is monotone, the model will struggle to produce expressive output.
These are the best tips for producing emotions but do not guarantee the result. Later this year we will be introducing features that will allow for the control of emotions within the text
Which languages are supported?
We currently support 100+ languages and accents, but others will come in the future. Feel free to request the languages you may need in our roadmap.

Afrikaans (South Africa), Arabic (Pseudo-Accents), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Australian (English), Bangla (Bangladesh), Bengali & Malayalam (Indian), Brazilian (Portuguese), Bulgarian, Canadian (English), Catalan (Spain), Croatian (Croatia), Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Netherlands), Hong Kong (Chinese), Indian (English), Irish (English), Kenyan (English), Nigerian (English), Tanzania (English), English (United Kingdom), Estonian, Filipino, Finnish (Finland), French (France), German, Swiss (German), Gujarati, Hindi (India), Hungarian, Tamil (Indian), Indonesian, Irish (Ireland), Italian (Italy), Javanese (Indonesia), Latvian (Latvia), Lithuanian (Lithuania), Maltese (Malta), Polish (Poland), Panjabi (Indian), Romanian, Slovak (Slovakia), Slovenian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (United States), Spanish (Uruguay), Spanish (Venezuelan), Swedish, Swiss (French), Thai (Thailand), Turkish, Urdu (Indian), Welsh (United Kingdom).

VIP Voices supports 28 languages and all voices are multilingual : 
Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Croatian, Dutch, Danish, English, French, Filipino, Finnish, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Slovak, Turkish, Tamil, Ukrainian